Summer Volunteers

Are you ready to make a difference?

God has used Ness Lake Bible Camp since 1953 to introduce thousands of children and young people to Jesus Christ. Over the past several years we have grown significantly.  Last year NLBC hosted 1,436 campers. We hope to give each camper an opportunity to experience unconditional love, fun and excitement, laughter and joy. More significantly, we want to challenge children to respond to Jesus Christ’s invitation to “Follow me”.

Christian Camping is one of the most effective tools of evangelism in North America today! If you have a passion for God and a desire to serve Him by loving children, NLBC may be the place for you. This year NLBC has over 90 Summer Team openings plus 45 Work Crew spots. Don’t let this summer pass you by without making the most of it. Follow His leading and be part of what God is doing in the lives of others… He is able to use you beyond your wildest dreams!


Summer Missionaries

Summer Missionaries are selected following an application process.  Each applicant is required to submit three references (two for re-applications).  Once accepted, volunteers must submit a current Criminal Record Check.

Before the camping season missionaries are trained to provide quality instruction and guidance in their job area.


Be sure to check out Work Crew for volunteers finished grade 9.

Application Downloads
Summer Missionary Applications

Info for Summer 2018
Are now posted!


  • Note: to fill these out on the computer download the documents and open it in your Adobe Reader and follow instructions (not in your browser or it won’t save)!

Weekly Volunteers

Weekly Volunteers (and their families) are housed in the Founders' Cottage, an 8-bedroom lodge featuring a beautiful Great Room with a vaulted pine ceiling. Rooms are comfortably furnished and most have en suite bathrooms. The Great Room has leather couches, a gas fireplace and a beautiful view of the lake, making it a fabulous place to sip a coffee and curl up with a good book, or chat and unwind at the end of a busy day!

This year we are looking for 10 Health Attendants (Nurses, Firemen, Ambulance Attendants, Doctors, or OFA III), plus 18 Speakers, and 9 Camp Grandparents.

The Health Attendent is expected to:

  • Distribute medications throughout the week
  • Be "on call" for medical emergencies throughout the day and evening
    (a radio is provided)
  • Treat minor scrapes, cuts, contusions and the odd sprain
  • Assist in the event of a major trauma 
  • Assist the Camp Grandparents with homesick campers
  • Pray for the campers and Summer Staff

The Speaker is expected to:

  • Pray for the campers and Summer Staff.
  • Deliver the Gospel to campers through a series of age appropriate messages (1 per day).
  • Hang out with campers and establish positive rapport.
  • Be available for campers who may have questions throughout the day / evening.
  • Be available during morning Leadership meetings to pray, discuss camper response, and to encourage Summer Staff.

The Camp Grandparent is expected to:

  • Assist with homesick campers.
  • Be present and available during Skills and free time
    (circulate & help kids out, etc.)
  • Assist with Dining Hall clean up (approx. 20 minutes each meal) & "Mug Up"
  • Attend morning Staff meetings following breakfast
  • Pray for the campers and Summer Staff throughout the week.

Homesickness can affect our campers, and for the most part this can be overcome by spending time with "grandma" or "grandpa".

"...I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me."
Matthew 25:40

Often a kind word or a little one-on-one attention from someone with with time will give these kids the encouragement they need, allow them to relax and have a great week, and open the way to discussing questions they might have.


Propery Staff

Camp Director-

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Facilities Manager

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Food Services Manager

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Program Director

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Maintenance Assistant

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Office Manager


Guest Services and Marketing Manager

Head Housekeeper


Follow Up Coordinator





Year Round Crew

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Dayna Penson (Gabe)
Jonah Holmes
Jayden Wilson (Halla)
Karissa Klassen (Joe)

Board of Directors

Bob Hillhouse (Treasurer) (Interim Chairman) 
Noel Knapp (Secretary) 
Phil Pudlas
Board Member Nomination Form